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Simple setup and control

The optical fibers are plugged into the amplifier. Depending on the model, the ranges of the fibers and the available functions vary.


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Effective and simple

The series satisfies all basic requirements: 20-turn potentiometer for high-resolution sensitivity adjustments, two switches for light/dark switching and for selecting between larger range or higher switching frequency.

  • Mode changeover: range / response time
  • Light/dark switching
  • 20-turn potentiometer for sensitivity adjustment



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Convenient and high-performance

The high-performance LV463 fiber optic amplifier convinces with its extensive setting options for operating ranges, sensitivities and time functions. The signal value, and at the same time the switching threshold, are shown on two easy-to-read displays. Three different teach modes considerably simplify configuration. Also available as IO-Link variant.

  • Double display to show signals and switching thresholds in parallel
  • 3 different teach modes for fast sensor setting
  • Extensive configuration options, e.g. for operating range, sensitivity or time functions
  • Internal multiplex operation of up to six units for preventing mutual interference
  • Also available as IO-Link variant


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